Textile Suppliers


Follow this thread to find out more about textile suppliers. If you would like to add your business to this page or have a recommendation, please contact us.

Borovick Fabrics www.borovickfabricsltd.co.uk London
Broadwick Silks www.broadwicksilks.com London
Henry Bertrand www.henrybertrand.co.uk London
McCulloch & Wallis www.macculloch-wallis.co.uk London and online shop
Pongees www.pongees.co.uk London
Russell & Chapple www.russellandchapple.co.uk London
Soho Silks www.sohosilks.co.uk London
The Cloth House www.clothhouse.com London
Whaleys www.whaleys-bradford.ltd.uk Bradford, UK
4D Model Shop www.modelshop.co.uk London