What is it?

TheTextilePrintRoom.org is an artist-led online platform promoting and supporting the practice of print in textiles. This is the professional textile printer’s little black book listing the best suppliers, print rooms for hire and large-scale screen print manufacturers and digital printers.

How did it come about?

The TextilePrintRoom was created by printers Linda Florence and Jennifer Lapsely, with help from Caf Fean, writer.

Linda and Jennifer first met at the London Printworks Trust in Brixton. They share a passion for textile print practice and following the recent closure of the London Printworks Trust, they felt that it would be a shame to lose all the good friendships, knowledge and hard work that went on through networks related to the trust. This was the starting-point of TextilePrintRoom, and many of our close collaborators came to know one another working in the walls of our former Brixton home.

What does it offer?

Here at the TextilePrintRoom we:

Represent artists and designers working in textile print

Encourage discussion and debate about textile print practice

Showcase contemporary work

Host a directory of both designers and suppliers


caf picture Caf Fean, Writer

linda picture Linda Florence, Designer and Printer

JEN picture Jennifer Lapsely, Designer and Printer


TextilePrintRoom received a Seed Funding Award from the Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC) at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

‘TFRC is based across two eminent design colleges at the University Of The Arts London (UAL) – Central Saint Martins and Chelsea – TFRC hosts a community of practice-based, design-led researchers who share a vision’.  www.tfrc.org.uk